HeartBreak Motel ~ “Putting the KICK ASS back into camping”

HeartbreakMOTEL Mobile Tented Camp has been designed along the lines of “glamping” catering for the modern man and glamorous women of the 21stcentury who strongly believe in and WANT creature comforts, and deservedly so!

HeartbreakMOTEL brings our guests closer to GLAMOROUS CAMPING…or “Glamping” which is hassle free with all the creature comforts that you would expect from a well organized camping experience.

HeartbreakMOTEL tented accommodation also offers tents that are fully carpeted with beds, mattresses, bedside tables with lamps. Overhead lighting, bedding, towels and camping chairs. Oh yes!…you also get your very own bin!

HeartbreakMOTEL ablutions offer hot sexy, steamy showers and tip top, totally cool toilets that are kept clean by our dedicated “hygiene squad” 24 hours for your pleasure and enjoyment!And just for the “hell of it”…we also throw in some porters to make the experience even that much more “chilled” and “luxurious”…why not is what we say!

And you thought we forgot…HeartbreakMOTEL offers a bar and chill zone at certain events….”ONLY FOR HEARTBREAKERS”…this area offers you a comfortable space to do just what you feel like in between all the excitement…it also serves as the “heartbreak breakfast stop” each morning where you will get a hearty “brekkie” along with a “cuppa” to kick start the day!



Mobile Tented Camp

Heartbreak Motel Mobile Tented Festival Accommodation brought to you by FELIX UNITE TENTED CAMPS
Heartbreak Motel Festival Accommodation at UP THE CREEK MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019

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