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Add AdHoc Coffee ~ “At Ad Hoc Coffee, our motto is simple; Life’s to short for bad coffee….
We’re passionate about good coffee, and our goal is to bring Artisan quality coffee to festivals
and events across South Africa.
We promise to use only the finest speciality beans, freshly roasted
to our own individual flavour profile, and our Barista’s are the best…the ultimate connoisseurs…
their fastidious attention to detail and passion for creating consistently great coffee makes it great!

We hope you enjoy it!”

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The frustration of constant low battery power while on the go is what led
to the creation of RiCharge – Why don’t we have access to secure public
charging facilities anywhere, anytime?

The RiCharge machines were designed with security in mind and offer the most
secure solution to public charging facilities internationally. RiCharge is based in
South Africa and has a national footprint. RiCharge can manufacture from small
to large quantities being able to service orders from the 10s to the 1000s.

With established nationwide maintenance agreements in place RiCharge will
ensure that the RiCharge machines are always operational to the highest quality.
RiCharge aims to ensure that you are always connected to your loved ones.
It is our aim for RiCharge to be for batteries what gas stations are to cars.




From an intimate yet lavishly decorated wedding to a world-class function with
demanding dignitaries, we have the passion, talent, brains and network to make
it happen according to the most exacting specifications.

As part of the Felix Unite Group, we’re a great example of the whole being greater
than the sum of the parts – with six specialist Eventing and Hire companies, the
Felix Unite Group has established itself amongst the best operators in
sub-Saharan Africa.

And with more than twenty years’ experience, our relationships with suppliers,
venues, service providers and operators is unparalleled.

We’re passionate about what we do and are always looking to improve our service,
so we’re able to offer the most up to date solutions for any kind of function.
This, paired with our treasure trove of furnishings, accessories and props means
that if we can’t do it, it probably can’t be done.